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Electroflight keeps things neat while pushing the boundaries


System Store Solutions Ltd
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SubjectElectroflight keeps things neat while pushing the boundaries
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Electroflight keeps things neat while pushing the boundaries
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With its in-depth expertise of electric propulsion Electroflight has been chosen to support Rolls-Royce in developing all-electric propulsion for aircraft applications as part of the Accelerating the Electrification of Flight (ACCEL) programme. Electroflight’s expertise is in developing high-powered pure electric power for use in aviation. The key challenges being addressed are range and weight issues so the current focus is on battery power/density, battery management systems and cooling. The ultimate target is to create a complete high-powered battery system that has both high discharge and high recharge capabilities.

“We have seen battery technology in cars develop quickly but transferring this technology to aircraft will be a major step forward,” says Electroflight’s founding partner Roger Targett. “While power to weight issues are crucial to the success of this project, as always within aviation safety has to be paramount, if a battery overheats in a car, you can simply pull over, that isn’t an option in an aircraft, so we have put together a team with vast experience in battery technology from a wide range of high-technology industries.”

To ensure that the entire process is totally organised Electroflight turned to System Store Solutions to provide workshop infrastructure including storage and workbenches. “We now know that everything has a place and there is a place for everything,” says Roger Targett. “Working with the partners that we have, we needed to present a professional image and at the same time provide robust working spaces for the team. System Store Solutions worked within our budget to provide the solutions we needed, with everything going to plan from quote to installation.”

The cabinets installed at Electroflight are the new Master series from Fami, for which System Store Solutions is the long-standing UK distributor. “The Fami Master series was designed along the brief of re-inventing industrial cabinets, which has been achieved with innovations such as the variable drawer opening to provide safe operation depending on the weight stored in the drawer. Security has also been addressed with the option of conventional cylinder locks or digital access. The latter allows control over who can access which drawers in each storage cabinet,” says David Price, Managing Director, System Store Solutions. “With the Fami Master series customers also have many more personalisation options from the type of opening (door/drawer) individual colour coding and labelling making organisation of the workplace so much more straightforward.”

With the workshops in place Electroflight can move forward with the initial concept for electric flight with what will be a purely technology driven demonstrator. However, plans to take things further are already developing. “There are lots of options for this technology, one being electric air racing, the Formula E of the skies if you will,” says Roger Targett. “There is also great potential to open up other commercial opportunities and migrate the battery pack technology we are developing to other transportation sectors.”

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