Timesavers highlights efficiency and new possibilities at Euro Blech

Timesavers highlights efficiency and new possibilities at Euro Blech

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Timesavers highlights efficiency and new possibilities at Euro Blech

With more than 70 years of experience and a huge customer base worldwide, Timesavers recognises the need for, and strength of, constant development and innovation. At the world’s largest trade fair for the sheet metal industry, Euro Blech, Timesavers will unveil several new innovations and productivity enhancing developments.

Central to the Timesavers display will a combination of its state-of-the-art rotary brush machine, the 42 series WWRBW and, an ‘add-on’ underside working machine. This new combination will bring added versatility to the recently upgraded 42 Series machine and lead to greatly reduced processing times for deburring and edge rounding of sheet material. The new additional unit sits at the front of the 42 Series machine on a dedicated conveyor belt zone. Here the workpiece has its bottom face deburred and edges rounded prior to it being processed through the 42 Series machine. This has the benefit of completely eliminating the requirement for a second pass and saving considerable cycle time. This integration of additional processes and integration into fully automatic processing lines, is in line with the demands of the Industry 4.0 standard.

A further innovation from Timesavers is the Hammer Head™. The Hammer Head is a new aggregate that is designed to remove heavy slag on larger steel products. This new pre-treatment aggregate will lower tooling costs on Timesavers machines. Visitors to the stand can see The Hammer Head in action on a 42 series HWRB machine, which will also be used to highlight the functionality of this machine.

Timesavers programme of updates to its machines continues with the 12 series machine, which has gained a completely new look, which will be unveiled at the exhibition. The 12 series machines are a highly cost-effective route for metal finishing, deburring and edge rounding. Completing the display from Timesavers will be the 32 series WRBW, the 22 series WMDB, and a 10 series manual

grinder, the latter providing a cost-saving entry in to grinding and deburring.

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