Gewefa use AMB platform to launch new hydraulic chuck concept.

Gewefa use AMB platform to launch new hydraulic chuck concept.

Gewefa (UK) Ltd

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Gewefa use AMB platform to launch new hydraulic chuck concept.

Gewefa GmbH, the parent company of Corsham based Gewefa UK Limited will be exhibiting a range of toolholding products and systems at the forthcoming AMB exhibition in Stuttgart, including a debut for a new concept of hydraulic chuck toolholder designed for turning applications on multi-task machines.

Gewefa offers an extensive range of hydraulic turning tool holders but the new system has added advantages in terms of ease of clamping/unclamping and the elimination of the need for gauging.

As a general principle, hydraulic turning tool holders offer exceptional dampening qualities giving extended tool life and improved surface finish when used in conjunction with standard carbide tipped tooling or for hard turning applications.

These features are particular highlighted with the new Gewefa hydraulic system which also benefits from an ergonomic one turn tool clamp and un-clamp release actuating screw, as opposed to the three or four clamp screws required with conventional ‘mechanical’ turning tool-holders.

The customers square turning tools are modified to an h6 cylindrical shaft with the addition of a small clamping flat which is machined relative to the orientation and height of the turning tool insert.  As a consequence no gauging is required.

The new system is available with HSK-T location and VDI, with the options of both axial and radial versions.

Finally, also at AMB will be a number of Gewefa UK’s technical partners exhibiting a range of products and systems allied to tool holding and ranging from collets to driven tools and spindle monitoring devices.

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