An engineering cornucopia of new and enhanced products from Leader at MACH 2018

An engineering cornucopia of new and enhanced products from Leader at MACH 2018

Leader Chuck Systems

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An engineering cornucopia of new and enhanced products from Leader at MACH 2018

As one of the UK and Ireland’s premier workholding and manufacturing ancillary specialists, Leader Chuck Internationals stand at MACH 2018 will feature an engineering cornucopia of new and enhanced products specifically developed and selected to improve the efficiency, productivity and accuracy of just about any machine shop.

Managing Director, Mark Jones, explains: “While some of the products we support are straightforward, requiring no services to demonstrate their capabilities, others demand compressed air, electricity or both. Having secured services for the stand visitors to the show can witness the potential benefits available from our product partners when combined with the comprehensive fixturing knowledge available from Leader staff.

“For example, freeze clamping plates from the world’s leading specialist AMCC have proven to be an excellent alternative to magnetic fixtures of non-metallic and non-magnetic components. Visitors will be able to see the plates in action as it is the only way to fully appreciate the holding strength available with ice.”

Autogrip’s range of through-bore and closed centre standard and long stroke 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-jaw power chucks are designed to operate at up to 8,000 rpm. While the Lexair Tri-Grip collet closer is designed for use on either vertical or horizontal machining centres, to maximise the raw material loading capacity. Extending the capability of any machining centre is Exact Machinery’s range of precision CNC rotary tables and indexing units. This range of CNC tilt and turn rotary tables features high rotational torque, dynamic accuracy and easy installation and maintenance.

New products in the Leader portfolio include a line up of small self-contained pneumatic jaw and collet chucks from Jato, and an extensive range of dynamic balancing and monitoring solutions from Italian specialists Balance Systems. The dynamic display is crowned by the ZeroClamp zero-point clamping system that represents the foundation of all the automation products being offered by Leader.

A new partner for Leader, being shown for the first time in the UK at MACH, OMIL is specialist supplier of automation and robot components. Its wide range of products allows the company to operate in a number of key sectors, including machine tools, assembly machines, transfer machines, gantry-robots and in the general mechanical and electromechanical engineering industry.

Static but fully functioning vices from OrangeVice, Homge and PiranhaClamp will be available, the latter offering unbeatable clamping force characteristics with the spindle able to withstand well above 1,300 Nm², with only 3 mm clamping depth, open construction for chip removal, extremely low height and no pre-stamping required. Added to these is the CARVEsmart Quick Change Vice Jaw System that has been developed to simplify set-ups for production and toolroom vices.

A superlative range of world-leading quick-change collet chucks and mandrels from Hainbuch have been available from Leader for nearly 25 years, and the company’s latest engineering solutions will be on show on stand H18-2. They will feature alongside Hewa range of 2-jaw self-centring indexing chucks, Maprox high precision collet chucks and miniature multi-jaw chucks for watch makers and metrology applications, and MicroCentric high accuracy air and diaphragm chucks. Designed for the Converting and Paper industries, Core chucks are the focus for Panzeri, and examples of its lug-type, axial and torque-activated as well as pneumomechanical chucks can be seen.

Said to be the world’s most comprehensive drill chuck programme for the precision engineering and industrial market, a sample of the advanced range of keyed, keyless and hybrid industrial and medical drill chucks from Llambrich is also on show. Details of Turin-based tailor-made workholding and component manipulation specialist, Rotomors’ capabilities will also be highlighted, as Leader exclusively offers these solutions to manufacturing and precision engineering companies in the UK and Eire.  

Innovating products, technologies and magnetic systems focused on safety and time efficiency are offered for grinding, milling and turning applications by magnetic fixturing specialist Walmag.

Supporting workshop accuracy and efficiency the RotoRi range of chuck jaw boring rings can precisely aid the ‘truing’ of jaws fitted to manual or power chucks. The RotoRi sets have been specifically designed to be used to bore, turn or grind jaws very accurately under a clamping pressure that reflects that required to hold the workpiece.

“As well as workholding and automation solutions our stand will also feature ancillary items intended to support the goals of efficiency and productivity, such as the recently launched Piranha Clamp Cooling Line range. A system for precise coolant supply, it is manufactured from high-strength anodized aluminium to withstand pressures of up to 80 bar (1,160 psi) and can be installed on all common tool holders and CNC machines using threaded connectors,” says Mark Jones.

Details of the high quality single and multi-spindle bar feeding solutions designed and manufactured by Cucchi Giovanni will also be on the stand. Mark Jones concludes: “A bar feeder seems like a relatively simple device. It is the most common automation accessory for high volume turning, it provides a reliable way of delivering material to the machine tool for extended periods of time, saving an operator from continually loading stock into the chuck. However, bar feeders differ from one to another, and the feeding solutions developed by Cucchi Giovanni make them more suitable to high efficiency workshop environments.”  

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