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Lagun TM series offers large capacity and versatility for turning and milling
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RK International Machine Tools’ agreement to provide commercial and promotional support for Lagun’s range of large capacity bed-type and moving column milling/turning machines is showing encouraging signs, with interest across the range from a variety of industry sectors. The capability and versatility of the Lagun range is key to its success, particularly the TM series of cross moving column machines.

The four machine TM range has X-axis travel up to 5000 mm combined with Y-, Z, and V-axis travels of up to 1300/2000/1500 mm respectively. With travels of this size the machines are also built to handle large workpieces weighing up to 10,000 kg, and with the V-axis (which holds the digital spindle) fully retracted it is possible to fit components up to 2500 mm diameter on the machine’s rotary table. With the turning option specified this rotary table can rotate at up to 400 revs/min to create a highly capable turning system.

For milling the TM series can be specified with a choice of six milling heads. Three of these are universal Hure-type heads with spindle speeds ranging from 3000 to 6000 revs/min. An orthogonal-style head can also be specified machine, which gives index increments of 1 degree in both planes of movement with positioning controlled by two encoders and Hirth couplings, making it ideal for turning operations. Alternatively, a choice of two horizontal heads, of differing length scan be specified.

With one of the Hure, or orthogonal, heads fitted the TM series is capable of machining complete five sides of a component and with either the 40 or 60 position chain-type toolchanger complex parts can be machined without interruption. Given the large scale of the Lagun TM machines, the largest weighs 29,000 kg with a footprint of 9200 mm x 7371 mm and spindle travel of 2700 mm (Y + V axes) and 2000 mm in the Z-axis, guarding also needs to be taken into consideration, here Lagun can provide various options, one being to fully enclose the machine or, alternatively a more cost-effective option is to uses side curtains and fencing to separate the operator from the working environment.

“With the Lagun range, and the TM series, the ability to machine large and heavy components is fully covered. The larger MM and ML machines in the range have X-axis travels up to 12,000 mm and the capability to machine parts weighing up to 14,000 kg, yet still retain excellent agility with traverse rates up to 20 m/min. With production increasing across sectors such as die/mouldmaking, automotive, aerospace, and renewable energy, as well as general machining, we are confident that we will see a rise in demand for the Lagun range here in the UK and Ireland.

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