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Plastic Mould Automation To Be Highlighted at MECSPE


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SubjectPlastic Mould Automation To Be Highlighted at MECSPE
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Plastic Mould Automation To Be Highlighted at MECSPE
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Vero Software’s Italian reseller, Vero Solutions, is highlighting three specialist VISI CAD/CAM suites focusing on plastic mould automation and verticalization, at the forthcoming MECSPE exhibition in Parma.

“These three tools integrate perfectly with each other, automating an entire plastic mould project,” says Marketing Executive Nicoletta Gianotti.

“The VISI Mould solution is dedicated to the complete design of the mould and allows the designer to define the tool structure by importing data either from the supplier or with custom moulds. Based on this choice, the user can select different templates, by selecting the relative plates loading them by supplier or by defining a modelled plate as custom plate by using the CAD functionalities.”

She says visitors to the Vero Solutions stand at the exhibition will see how  a custom plate can be added to the mould structure and modified, by assigning the proper attributes. Where the supplier provides template, VISI Mould shows the default structure which can be modified by the user, and additional plates added, or existing plate parameters can be modified. “It’s also possible to use pre-holed plates defined by the suppliers”.

The VISI Express solution is fully integrated into the VISI work environment and allows the "normalization" of the PMI data associated with each component in the mould design. “In this way the B.O.M. generation becomes a simple mouse click. The sheet can be customized and either contain all project components or only those needed at any one time.

“For example, with the steel component list, it’s easy to anticipate material orders to suppliers. VISI Express is at the heart of plastic mould management because each generated part can be linked to an image, so it’s easily recognized in the workshop.”

Nicoletta Gianotti says as a considerable number of electrodes are often necessary in a plastic mould, VISI Electrode intuitively defines the area on the mould where the electrode will be positioned, dynamically extracts the surface and defines its final shape.

“The benefit of solids and surfaces combined modelling in the CAD environment make the designer’s job so much easier. A hierarchical tree structure shows the description of all electrodes and their parameters for each plate, in a single file.”

To ensure that the electrode is correct, the kinematic simulation verifies the positioning of the  the electrode and adjacent surfaces, highlighting any areas to be corrected.

During the design phase, all technological parameters of the electrode can be inserted, so the next step to EDM machining or CAM milling is already automated and error-free.

“These three solutions lead to automation and verticalization of the plastic mould project, reduce costs and increase the product quality.”

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