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Machining demonstrations at Seco’s ‘Inspiration through Innovation’ event encapsulate the potential and power of collaboration.


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SubjectMachining demonstrations at Seco’s ‘Inspiration through Innovation’ event encapsulate the potential and power of collaboration.
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Machining demonstrations at Seco’s ‘Inspiration through Innovation’ event encapsulate the potential and power of collaboration.
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There were a number of eye-catching machining best-practice machining demonstrations that took place at Seco’s Inspiration through Innovation Advanced Manufacturing Best-Practice event in September.

The 12 demonstrations occurring over the two day event proved popular, and event visitors were able to see the latest machine tools, work-holding, CAD/CAM, cutting fluids and inspection etc., in action and working together in harmony, to deliver exceptional results in terms of productivity, component accuracy and surface finish, and improved tool life.

Out of all the demonstrations taking place there was one that certainly captured the imagination of visitors judging by the steady stream of onlookers gathered around the machining zone.

The demonstration in question involved four leading manufacturing equipment suppliers - GROB (machine tools); Open Mind (CAD/CAM); Jemtech (Blaser cutting fluids) and Seco Tools (Cutting tools)…working collaboratively, and utilising their latest and/or most advanced solutions to machine an aerospace-grade titanium blisk from billet to finished component.

The machine tool used for the demonstration was a GROB 350 universal 5-axis horizontal machining centre specially brought in for the Inspiration through Innovation event. The programming software used was HyperMILL from Open Mind for both roughing and finishing, and Vasco 7000 (a water-miscible, ester oil-based cutting fluid developed for machining titanium and nickel-based alloys) was provided by Jemtech.

Seco Tools used in the demonstration included the company’s Mini Master Plus range - High-Feed, end mills and ball nose cutters for roughing and finishing, and its Jabro cutters for engraving a logo onto the component. The total machining time for roughing, finishing and engraving which comprised four separate machining operations was 55 minutes.

Comments Mike Fleming, Seco’s Sales & Marketing Manager:

“Inspiration through Innovation is very much about demonstrating to event visitors how companies can work together (in collaboration) to achieve best-in-class results.

“In this particular demonstration Seco plus three of its Technical Partners worked closely together to devise something topical, relevant and exciting - the machining of a titanium blisk.

“Specifically, the demonstration focused on reducing cycle times (i.e. productivity) without compromising on accuracy, surface finish or tool life.

“With many UK precision component manufacturers already machining high-precision, complex parts from titanium alloys - the demonstration provided insight into how, through the use of the latest machine tools, CAD/CAM software, metal working fluids and cutting tools - more efficient and effective machining strategies can be developed and implemented.”

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