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Major product launches at international machine tool venues JIMTOF2018 in Japan, AMB2018 Stuttgart and IMTS 2018 Chicago from Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal featured important developments in Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) and Polycrystalline Boron Nitride (PCBN) for hard turning, plus new milling inserts and drill range extensions.

Developed using a totally new direct conversion sintering method Sumitomo’s SUMIBORON NCB100 was launched demonstrating a breakthrough for turning high specification hard-to-cut materials giving up to 50 times greater insert life over more traditional carbide inserts.  The high stability NCB100, based on an ultra-hard Binder-less PCBN is produced using grains just a few tens of nano-metres in size directly bonded to each other.

Also launched and extending the Binder-less technology in turning was its NPD10 and DA90 inserts.   NPD10 is targeted at high precision machining of tungsten carbide as well as hard and brittle materials and DA90, which has greater levels of stability due to its larger polycrystalline diamond particles is ideal for rough machining cemented carbide as well as other hard and brittle materials.

Giving greater stability when turning heat-resisting super alloy materials Sumitomo demonstrated the application of its latest Absotech Bronze PVD-coated technology which uses a heat-resisting ultra-multi-layers of ALTiSiN thin film edge coating for the AC5000 Series tooling.  AC5015S was launched for more general applications and AC5025S for heavier roughing cycles. The inserts have improved resistance to crater and notch wear.

For turning cast iron, the latest AC400K coated grade inserts have thicker CVD coatings enabling cutting speeds up to 700m/min to be achieved including when machining grey and nodular materials.

Sumitomo also demonstrated its latest DGC45 deg face mill series which introduced 16 cutting edges and the ability to machine depths up to 3 mm.  Using Sumitomo’s patented ZX coating technology, tool life is extended.

From the drilling stable, Sumitomo’s highly successful SMDT indexable and regrindable head carbide drills featured the latest Sumitomo alternative layers of TiALcr and TiSi that form the high performance DEX coating.  SMDT tools are now available in smaller length-to-diameter ratios of 1.5x and greater at 12x, in addition to its existing 3, 5 and 8 times ratio. The series uses hardened steel bodies that accept multiple diameter tips in four different styles to maximise performance in stainless steel, super alloy and cast iron.

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