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Advanced microstepping drives for step & direction control
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Recently announced by Applied Motion Products, Inc. (AMP) and available from Mclennan, its exclusive European distribution partner, the STR series stepper drives for step and direction control are now offered in two new AC-powered versions for higher torque applications.

Complementing AMPs existing DC-powered STR series drives, the new STRAC2 and STRAC8 drives are also aimed at OEMs and machine builders as a convenient and cost effective choice where PLCs, PACs or pulse generating motion controls are used in automation systems.

The new drives are powered from AC supplies from 90 to 240 VAC and offer continuous output current in the range of 0.5…2.5 and 0.5…8.0 Amps per phase respectively - so suit larger microstepping motors with NEMA frame sizes of 23, 24 and 34, or where maximum power is required.
Both the STR and STRAC series microstepping drives include user selectable step and direction or CW/CCW pulse control with full-step, half-step and microstepping resolutions up to 20000 steps/rev. Microstep emulation is also included to provide smooth and quiet motion from low pulse frequency outputs. Advanced features such as electronic damping and a selectable digital input filter allow optimised application set-up to ensure smooth low-resonance motion and maximum torque over a wide speed range.  Drive setup is straightforward with dip and rotary selection switches or jumpers, whilst installation is fast and easy via pluggable terminal block power and signal connections. An integrated self-test and status LEDs assist commissioning. The fully protected drives include short circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage and over temperature safety. Energy-saving idle current reduction is also featured. The STR and STRAC series drives cover NEMA motor frame sizes from 11 to 42.

With a design and build service that integrates its technologies into motion-centric sub-assemblies or complete mechatronic system solutions, Mclennan fully supports AMPs comprehensive range of stepper and servo based motion control products. These include advanced motion controls for single and multi-axis drives as well as the EtherCAT communications based ´StepSERVO´ closed-loop drive series for greater torque, acceleration, and throughput than traditional step motor-based systems.

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